Universal Mount for Minirig MINI 1/2 Speaker Compatible with GoPro Mounts & Clamps

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Minirig Mini NOT included.

Additional pictured GoPro mounts not included.

NOT suitable for full-size Minirig.

Introducing the ‘Minirig Mini GoPro Mount’ – the perfect accessory for any Minirig Mini owner who wants to attach their Minirig speaker to, well…. practically anything.

This unique mount allows you to easily attach your Minirig Mini speaker to any GoPro mount, giving you the freedom to position your Minirig virtually anywhere! Simply attach your Minirig Mini speaker to the mount, then attach the mount to your GoPro mount - it's that easy!

PLEASE NOTE: A Minirig Mini speaker weighs approximately 3 times the weight of the average GoPro camera. You must ensure that the weight of your speaker does not exceed the weight limit of your chosen GoPro mount.
  • 3D printed using black PLA.
  • Features aluminium GoPro mount fingers for added strength.