Variable Gear Shift Sensor Bafang 8Fun BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD Mid-Drive Motor Kits

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This is a multiple variation listing for either 1x gear sensor or 1x gear sensor and 1x brake sensor Y-splitter (select from drop-down menu above).

Suitable for rear derailleurs and internal gear hubs.

This sensor can detect when the rider changes gear on their eBike and cuts the power to the motor during gear shifting process. It helps to avoid some problems like damage to chain or derailleur. It also improves the feel of changing gear to be smoother.

The optional Y-splitter allows you to connect both the gear sensor and brake sensor to a single brake cutout.

The gear sensor and Y-splitter uses waterproof Higo connectors.

  • Sensor cable length (excluding sensor) - 35cm.
  • Y-splitter length - 20cm.

Compatible with all Bafang / 8Fun mid-drive kits - BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD

Products Details:

  • Operating voltage: 4-5.5 VDC
  • Current consumption: 15ma
  • Signal Output: Pulse duration 0.5s
  • Protection circuit: Short Circuit & Polarity Reversed Protection
  • Housing material: Intensive ABS
  • Protection: IP67
  • Operating temp/hum: -2 5 ~ +70 ; 35% 85 % RH
  • Certifications: CE/ROHS

Brake lever NOT included.