3 Position Auxiliary Input Switch for Cycle Analyst V3

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Please note that although this switch is compatible with all version 3 firmwares, it is recommended that the Cycle Analyst is running firmware version 3.1 or above, due to improved ease of configuration.

This 3 position auxiliary input switch differs from the standard Grin Tech implementation and offers a wider adjustment range. The fixed voltages are (L, M, H) = (1.60V, 2.42V, 4.99V). Minor variations in voltage may occur due to resistor tolerances.

This 3 position auxiliary input can be configured to control one of the following Cycle Analyst V3 parameters:

  • Mode presets
  • Amps limit
  • Speed limit
  • Power limit
  • ThrO limit
  • PAS level


Cable length: 50cm
Connector : JST-SM 3-pin male
To fit handlebar diameter: 22mm


  1. Mount the switch on your handlebar.
  2. Connect the switch to the WHITE 3-PIN FEMALE JST-SM Cycle Analyst V3 connector.
  3. Configure your Cycle Analyst V3 with the following settings:

Firmware 3.1 and above:

Analog Aux Settings > AuxA Control Type > [3-Pos Sw]
Analog Aux Settings > AuxA Input Function > [SELECT FUNCTION]
Analog Aux Settings > Switch Med Level > [SET MED LIMIT PERCENTAGE] (not applicable if ‘AuxA Input Function’ is set to ‘Presets’)
Analog Aux Settings > Switch Low Level > [SET LOW LIMIT PERCENTAGE] (not applicable if ‘AuxA Input Function’ is set to ‘Presets’)

Firmware 3.0x:

To use the switch for selecting between 3 different Cycle Analyst presets, navigate to the "SETUP AUX POT" menu and set the Aux Function to Presets, Min Aux In to 2V and Max Aux In to 3V. You will also need to activate 3 mode presets from the "SETUP PRESETS" menu.
To use the switch for adjusting the PAS level, Amps Limit, Watts Limit, or Speed Limit, set the Aux Function to Limits, and then select which limit you want to scale. Set the Min Aux In and Max Aux In voltages according to the table in the listing photos to achieve different scaling effects for each switch position.

*Cycle Analyst V3 not included.