6-Way Threaded Panel Mount Housing for Anderson Powerpole Connector PP15 PP30 PP45

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This threaded panel mount allows you to mount six pairs of Anderson Powerpole PP15, PP30 or PP45 connectors in a variety of places.


  • Fitting - Panel mount fits a 64mm hole (commonly available hole saw size).
  • Maximum panel thickness - 13mm.
  • Front face diameter - 83mm
  • Easy installation - Finger tightening is sufficient in most circumstances. If required, the retaining nut can be tightened with a spanner or adjustable wrench. Please bear in mind that the threads are made from plastic, so be careful not to overtighten.
  • Includes six retaining set screws (M3x5) to secure and prevent movement of the connector. The set screws require a 1.5mm hex key to tighten them (not included).
  • Versatile - Can house either PP15, PP30 or PP45 connectors.
  • Material - 3D printed using PLA.


Listing Includes

  • 1x 6-Way Anderson Powerpole panel mount fitting.
  • 1x securing nut.
  • 6x connector retaining set screws (already installed).

*Connectors NOT included.