Auxiliary Input Potentiometer Switch for Cycle Analyst V3

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This auxiliary input potentiometer features a 5KOhm potentiometer and can be configured for continuous control one of the following Cycle Analyst V3 parameters:

  • Amps limit
  • Speed limit
  • Power limit
  • ThrO limit
  • PAS level


  • Cable length: 50cm
  • Connector : JST-SM 3-pin male
  • To fit handlebar diameter: 22mm


  1. Mount the potentiometer on your handlebar.
  2. Connect the potentiometer to the WHITE 3-PIN FEMALE JST-SM Cycle Analyst V3 connector.
  3. Configure your Cycle Analyst V3 with the following settings:

Firmware 3.1 and above:

Analog Aux Settings > AuxA Control Type > [Pot]
Analog Aux Settings > AuxA Input Function > [SELECT FUNCTION]
Analog Aux Settings > Lo Deadband > [0.1V]
Analog Aux Settings > Hi Deadband> [0.1V]

Firmware 3.0x:

Aux > Function > [Limits]
Aux > Min Aux In > [0.10V]
Aux > Max Aux In > [4.90V]

On the "SETUP AUX POT" preview screen, you should then see the voltage swing from 0.0 - 4.99V as you turn the potentiometer knob, and the corresponding limit percentage goes from 0% to 99%.

*Cycle Analyst V3 not included.