Brushed Motor DC Controller 24V 36V 250W Speed Controller with PAS Sensor Plug

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This listing is for 1x brushed DC motor controller with PAS sensor plug.

Please select the correct voltage (24V or 36V) from the dropdown menu above.

24V 250W Controller

  • Rated voltage: 24V
  • Rated power: 250W
  • Undervoltage protection: 19-20.5V
  • Current limiting protection: 19-21A
  • Ambient temperature: -20C to 45C

36V 250W Controller

  • Rated voltage: 36V
  • Rated power: 250W
  • Undervoltage protection: 30-32V
  • Current limiting protection: 17-19A
  • Ambient temperature: -20C to 45C

Controller Wiring

  1. Battery - Red: Positive, Black: Ground
  2. Motor - Blue & Yellow
  3. Brake Cutout - Yellow & Black
  4. Throttle - Red: 5V, Black: Ground, Blue: Signal
  5. PAS - Red: 5V, Yellow: Signal, Black: Ground