KT-LCD4 LCD Display Meter Panel for KT Series Controllers 24/36/48V

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PLEASE NOTE: This LCD display is only compatible with KT series controllers. It will not function with other unsupported controllers.

User Manuals

KT-LCD4 Quick Start Guide

KT-LCD4 User Manual

  • Model: KT-LCD4
  • Standard interface: SM-5Y
  • 24/36/48V Universal Voltage
  • Dimension: 55x40x23mm
  • Cable length: 180cm
  • Fits handlebar size: 22.2mm
  • Weight: 80g



  • Single trip time TM and total trip time TTM display.
  • Single maximum speed MXS and single Average speed AVS display.
  • Single trip distance DST and total trip distance ODO display.
  • Real-time trip speed KM/H or MPH display.
  • Power assistant ratio(or throttle)gear ASSIST switch function.
  • Cruise function.
  • 6KM/H power assistant push function.
  • Battery Capacity indicator display.
  • Brake status display.
  • Power-on passwoard setting
  • Parameter copyin
  • Automatically restore default setting.
  • User parameter settings.
  • Start up backlights and headlights.
  • Data clearing.
  • Fault code display.
  • 24V/36V/48V voltage can be automatically identified and be compatible.
  • This display is only compatible with KT controllers.


Package includes:

1x KT-LCD4 display meter
1x Quick start user manual