Sensored Brushless Motor Controller 48V 1000/1500W 12-FET 30A KT Sine Wave

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12 fet 30A KT sine wave brushless controller. Includes phase wire connector box.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sensored brushless motor controller. Your motor should have 8 or 9 wires in order to function with this controller. If your motor only has 3 wires, you will require a sensorless controller.

Technical Data:

  • Model: KT48SVPRL-SJT02L
  • Compatible with KT LCD Displays
  • Input Voltage: DC 48V
  • Min. Voltage: DC40±0.5V
  • Max. Current: 30±1A
  • Speed set: 1-4.2V
  • Brake Input: Low-Level
  • Size: 176x82x41mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 536g
  • 12 pcs MOSFET
  • Application: Max. 48V 1500W
  • Fits sensored motor


  • This controller functions with & without PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor)
  • Sine Wave Controller (more stable, high efficiency, low current consumption, long life)
  • Support hydraulic brake sensor or brake sensor connector
  • Support LED Control Panel or LCD Control Panel
  • Support cruise function
  • Support LED light
  • Support regenerative braking function (must use our LCD Display together to activate this function)