Electric Bike KT-V6 Easy Fitting PAS Pedal Assist Sensor Cadence Speed Ebike

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KT-V6 easy fitting PAS sensor.

This PAS sensor requires an 8mm gap between the side of the bottom bracket and crank arm in order to accommodate it. It also requires that your bottom bracket features the splines as shown in the listing photo - without these, this PAS sensor will not function correctly without further modification.

Dual hall detection elements with built-in magnet disk.
Outputs 6 signals per revolution. Can automatically identify the positive rotation and the reverse rotation of the pedals.
Convenient and quick. Installation.
Connector type: JST-SM 3-pin female.
KT-V6 sensor fits on the left hand side (non-drive side). To install, remove the left crank, install the sensor, then install the crank back into place to complete the sensor installation.