Electric Bike Thumb Throttle 12-84v LED Display Voltmeter & ON OFF Kill Switch

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Electric hall effect throttle with LED display & ON OFF switch.

Do not connect this throttle before you clearly understand the wiring instructions for it. Please make sure that the throttle wire colour sequence matches that of the mating controller connector. If in doubt, get in touch and I will be glad to assist.

The on/off switch can ONLY be used to switch full battery pack voltage and NOTHING ELSE.

  • Throttle voltage: DC 1-4.2v
  • Battery level indicator voltage: DC 12-84v
  • Cable length: 200cm

Throttle wiring:

  • Red: 5v
  • Black: Ground
  • Green: Signal

On/off kill switch wiring:

  • Blue: Outputs battery pack voltage ONLY as fed to yellow wire (see below)

Other wiring:

  • Yellow: Battery pack positive (full battery voltage)