Handlebar 3 Speed Position SPDT Switch HI MED LOW Electric Bike Ebike Scooter

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Handlebar mount 3 position SPDT switch.

This 3 position switch can be used with brushless motor controllers that support a 3-speed function.

  • Housing Materials: PC & ABS Plastic
  • Fit: 22mm diameter handlebar
  • Cable Length: 67cm

Pin Connections:

  • Position 1 (Low speed): Green to - Blue
  • Position 2 (Med speed): Black to - Black
  • Position 3 (High speed): Red to - Yellow or Green depending on controller

If your controller side 3-speed wire colours differ to those listed above and you require assistance with connection, please get in touch.

SPDT Switching Pairs:

  • Position 1 (Low speed): Green & Black
  • Position 2 (Med speed): No connection 
  • Position 3 (High speed): Red & Black