Hidden Wire Brake Sensor Inline Switch HWBS for Electric Bike Ebike

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1x hidden wire brake sensor for mechanical brakes.

For when you would like to keep your existing brake levers, this inline brake sensor can detect brake operation by movement of the brake cable. Easy to install and can be fitted anywhere on the bike brake cable making it unnecessary to change your bike's brake lever when you convert bike to an ebike.


  • Connector type: JST-SM 3-Pin Male plug
  • Wire length: 1800mm

There are two versions of this brake sensor to chose from:

  • MS-BK-1F
  • MS-BK-1R
    1. Decide on the install location for the brake sensor. Refer to the below diagrams for the correct brake sensor model:

    2. Make sure your brake cable is in good condition since you won't be able to install a frayed cable through the brake sensor: