Medium Controller Case Box for Electric Bike Ebike Pedelec Conversion Kit

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1x medium controller case, supplied with 2x bolts for mounting the case to the bike frame, 4x  screws to attach the case cover, 1x cable exit clamp and 2x screws for attaching the clamp.

WARNING: This controller case does not come with all required mounting hardware (frame dependant).

This case mounts to the bike using two bolts. However, the bike frame has to have these  mounting points present to attach it to (rivnuts can be fitted, but aren't included). M6 bolts are provided for mounting the case, but other sizes can be used.

  • Case Size: 200mm * 100mm * 73.8mm
  • For Controller Size: 130mm * 75mm * 35mm
  • Accessories: Mounting bolts 2 pcs +  cover screw 4 pcs + cable clamp 1 pcs + clamp screws 2pcs.
  • Weight: 225g